My Belly Button is Shrinking

When you are pregnant you expect everything to grow. And believe me it does. Its funny to watch your belly grow and to not have gained a lot of weight. at least in my case, Ive only gained about 3lbs give or take the time of day, but my pants arent so comfortable 🙁 . However there is one part of your body that shrinks – the belly button. As your stomach grows it gets shallower and shallower and eventually can disappear. Some belly buttons even pop out. I hope mine doesnt, I’ve always been a little partial to my inny belly button.

When you browse many of the soon-to-be websites they recommend making a belly journal to track the growing changes that happen . I was a little turned off by the idea, mainly cause the idea was probably though of by people who dont already have any existing weight around the middle. But the thought of tracking my belly button’s demise is intriguing.

Its also really interesting to see how differently woman grow at this point. I’m only about three and half months or so along, but its harder to tell that I am pregnant unless you’ve seen me naked :x. Most of my clothes still fit, not comfortably but wearable, but I can see a definite increase in my belly size, even not having flat six pack abs! But at What to you can browse pictures of people who are the same month along as you. Some people, you can barely see anything, a little pouch maybe. Others look like the are already about to pop! Maybe these people are expecting twins, multiples or possibly its not their first pregnancy. Ive read that you are likely to show earlier in your next pregnancy then your first.

Well enough about that – Hopefully a site design is coming soon. Ill try to get it done the week between semesters, already have an idea in my head – we will see how it translates onto “paper”.