Babies arent just coos and smiles…

My beautiful baby has some rather endearing qualities. She takes a lot after her father. She has my eyes and nose but her face, if you see pictures of the two of them, especially when he was little there is a lot of similarities. They also have something else in common….

Lovely noises in the morning

And that was one of the milder ones. My baby farts like a grown man

Isabella vs. the Avocado

The Avocado won…

Isabella hit the 4 month mark at the beginning of the month so we started her on rice cereal. Next week she will start on some fruits and veggies but here and there she has been getting “tastes” of the foods that she can eat at this age (and some snippets of sauces and other things). Well I had read that babies can eat pureed avocado and we had made Cobb Salads for dinner the other night. She took a couple small pieces of the avocado okay, this however was a much larger piece for her to work with. As you can see I dont think she liked it!

That is her daddy laughing his head off in the background ….


Go forth and conquer.....?

So the decision has been made. We’ve decided to move to Italy. Deciding to move back is an easy/hard decision. Easy because its where I want to be eventually, it was just a matter of deciding when. Hard because we have Isabella now and I fear that moving her to Italy will limit how much she sees my side of the family and I worry is that fair to her. But living in Italy provides a whole sort of different opportunities as well.

And bottom line we just are not happy here. We want to live our lives differently than the kind of life you would come to expect living in America. For me having a child changes everything I ever knew. Thats not true. Having Isabella really just clarified everything. I consider myself a wandering heart for a couple of reasons. The good, like I enjoy trying new things and challenging myself; and the bad, I just haven’t ever felt settled. Being in Italy I did. Having Isabella, taking care of her, I am.

Making this decision isnt easy though. There is my family,  I worry that they wont be able to see Isabella as often as I and they would want to. But they same can be said for Nico’s family. And I wanted to move back eventually, it was just a matter of deciding when. And I wonder sometimes if I am being selfish. We’ve been in the US for a year, but Nico really hasnt had the chance to do anything here. He hasnt had a chance to go out and work yet or to be around other people aside from me. He says he is happy to go home, everyone he knows is there, but we could do more to be around others here, now and even more so when we move out. I dont know.

In any event we are going through the process of working out what we need to do to move ourselves and the little bit of possessions that I have to Italy. It will happen after I take my comps, so anytime after the end of March. Exact date we arent sure yet. End of March is a little soon, so likely some time after that though. Theres so much to do. I have to update my passport with the new last name. Get a passport for Isabella  Find out rates for movers, get certain documents translated … a lot!