I passed!

I have officially finished my education! I got the news today that I passed my Master’s Comprehensive Exams (after taking some of the sections over again.) It was difficult finishing my online classes after Isabella and there was definitely some instances in which I wanted to just put it on hold and wait until my life was a little less hectic and a little less busy. I went back to school when Isabella was a month old, back to work when she was two months old, planned our move to Italy, worked less than full time but gone full time hours and I can honestly say I am quite glad that I got through it. For now the MA is more than enough for me, especially since who knows what living in Italy will bring. I am quite content to take that diploma and just enjoy being done with school.


Casalinga is the Italian word for housewife. Its an official term you can put down as your job description. Today is the first day that Nico went off to help his dad at the store and I stayed home with Isabella. He wont be home until 1ish – does this make me a casalinga? My initial answer would be no. True I did clean the bedroom and make the bed, but theres still laundry to be put away the living room is still strewn with Isabella toys and the floors in the rooms should get swept and cleaned. Theres also laundry to be done (although I dont get to do the laundry…) Do I feel like doing any of it? No. Eventually, I suppose.

The Decision to move to Italy is one that most people are jealous of and I admit I am lucky. But what most people dont realize, vacationing somewhere and choosing to live there are entirely different. I think that right now I am slightly overwhelmed by my decision. There is a lot of adjustment and cultural hurdles that need to be overcome. For instance, Nico’s mother had the expectation of being able to take Isabella out and about with her in the mornings. But for starters, Isabella isnt that much of a morning person anymore. Sure she was up at 830 this morning (and so was I) but normally she doesnt get up until 930 or 1000. Then she has breakfast and normally wants to nap again afterwards. Additionally I made all these changes so that I could stay with Isabella and so that she could stay with me – selfish, maybe, but I spent 4 months not being able to just be with my child – why would I just be okay with her going out without me as soon as Ive moved to a new country. Dont get me wrong, Nico’s mother is a fantastic person. A bit more of a mother-in-law than I think Nico thinks she is, but she is not overly pushy in any sense of the traditional Italian mother in law. I know it could be a lot worse. But we havent let Isabella go off alone with anyone. Shes always been with me or her father. And she is definitely going through adjustment pains in my opinion. Or just getting more stubborn/opinionated. Maybe both.

Ready for a walk!

But the adjustment isnt as easy as I thought it would be. I’m not sure why. Probably cause there is still so much to be done and I feel limited in my ability to do stuff. If only I learned to drive stick -lol. Although I doubt I would be comfortable navigating the streets of Capoterra. They are the epitome of Italian streets, narrow and packed full of speedy Italian drivers. I know that part of my problem with adjusting is me. I am a go get things done kind of person and I cant do that as much as I want here. And I dont have a kitchen yet to take my stress out on lol. And theres things to learn – the language and other things to adjust to. I just have to make myself do what I can. Study the language. Listen to people. MAKE myself try to speak – thats the biggest hurdle I think any adult has in learning a new language; getting over the uncomfortableness of saying something wrong. I should go room by room and make a list of the things we want done. I should focus on the other things I need to do to make myself be as happy as I want to be here.