Jan 31

Okay so technically its still the 30th, but in reality it is the 31st. Never could decide what date I want to put down.

I’ve been sitting here all day waiting for Jonathan or someone to email me so i can get some specific things done and its no dice. I feel like Im in limbo land. Like sometimes I say something and its gets ignored. Like that episode of Buffy where the girl disappears

Okay no more that train of thought.

Ugh what a couple of weeks its been. Tiring beyond tired. But also something different. I think I will be glad when we are out of launch land and are in helping people land. Its definitely more satisfying.

ON the exercise front. I dont know if I even want to go there. I am sticking with it. Hell I actually enjoy it. But I’m just not sure I am seeing progress and I am pretty sure it is my own fault. I need a better diet pla. into week 5 and I should be seeing some better results. Instead all I see is the needle hanging in place. Sure I feel a little bit fitter but I still feel like I am stuck.

I think Nico is right that I am just not committing enough. Did Taebo with him the other day (was super boring lol) but I just couldnt get into it. I made myself push a little harder today but I know I could have done more.