My name is Adrianne and I have a daughter named Isabella.

Since she was born I found myself crafting letters to her in my head. I would always think ‘I should really write this down one day’. So I started keeping word docs on my computer. I decided to write them here as well for a couple of reasons. One, the internet, as cliche as it sounds, is timeless. Should something happen to my computer there will be an online record somewhere of these letters and photos. Two it reminds me to write them down. I get them down on a text doc when I have a moment in front of the computer and gradually I post it here. Or I post it here directly if I have the moment then. Either way its a way of getting the thoughts out of my head and onto digital paper.

I’ve disabled comments on the individual posts because I don’t believe they should be open to comments. These are letters to Isabella, not to the general public and while they are available for the general public to read the conversation remains between the two of us. When she is older (she’s just a year old as of this writing) she can read them and talk to me about them.

Comments are open on this page and I can certainly be contacted by email should the desire for contact emerge. I will always try to respond to any email I get.

So if you choose, enjoy these letters I am sharing. It is my chronicle as a mother and a memory keeper. Little ones grow up so fast and I want to hold onto every moment.