The Sandbox Years–Mommy’s Piggy Tales

I am participating in the Mommy’s Piggy Tales Challenge and recording the stories of my youth. Every Thursday there will be a new story so come back often and get to know the younger me. Last week we wrote about the story of our birth. This week we are recollecting the memories of  our pre-K years.

Its difficult to record your preschool/kindergarten years because you were so little and its hard to remember it all. Although I could probably say that about some other times as well.

blue2I think my earliest memory is when we first started preschool. I say we of course because I have a twin. The only thing I really remember about that first day is the rug that was outside our preschool door. It was blue with a big red 2 on it it. Or maybe it was red with a blue 2. My mother was putting herself through nursing school at the time, but we enjoyed preschool. I remember my sister and I had “boyfriends” Michael Omelet and David Wade. Who knows if those were even their real names. I’m sure it was something like that. But I remember when Michael changed preschools or was leaving the school permanently I pretended to be asleep and would not say goodbye.


From kindergarten I still remember my teachers names. Mrs. Olds and Miss Young. Mrs. Olds was in fact an older African American lady and Miss Young was a new younger pretty blond white woman that was probably fresh out of college. It really enforced the opposite dynamics in class though.

I remember that we were able to play in the sandbox. But a lot of times the boys would take over. There were dinosaurs and cars in the sandbox and it was elevated off the ground. I kinda remember lining up to go home each day, but I don’t remember going home, if we took a bus or were picked up. Likely we took the bus home.

Image Courtesy of Pony Land Tours

When we were little my sister and I loved playing with  My Little Pony’s. I had a favorite pony, Gusty and at one of our birthdays I got two Gusty’s that year. She was a white horse with a green mane and tail that had a stripe of orange in it. And leaves on her butt.

When we were 5 and 1/2 my mother gave us a little sister. Brandy was born in december of 1986 and although I don’t remember a lot of what it was like being a new big sister when she was little at least we never tried to sell her to the mailman. Brandy did with our youngest sister, Bethany and with everyone else who would walk by and comment what a cute baby Bethany was.

We weren’t old enough to help out our mother much with Brandy, but having a new sister sure was nice.

Untit1led-1When I first started writing I didn’t think I was going to be able to remember a lot from these years. But havent not thought about them in a good long time, I think I managed to remember some good memories. Its funny what little details we remember, like the pony and the first boyfriend and the doormat, but the bigger things tend to get a little fuzzy sometimes.

I hope that as I continue with this project I’ll be able to recall more memories.

I Was Born a Twin–Mommy’s Piggy Tales

I am participating in the Mommy’s Piggy Tales Challenge and recording the stories of my youth. Every Thursday there will be a new story so come back often and get to know the younger me.


I get asked a lot of the same questions when people find out a specific thing about me.

“Do you like having a twin?” (Well I was kinda born this way, so I guess so.)

“What’s it like being a twin?” (Gee, I don’t know what its like being you?)

“Do you feel each others pain?” (My all time favorite and the most common question we get.)

I was born a twin. Identical twins at that We were dressed alike, grouped together in sentences and asked these questions on a regular basis. Yes I like having a twin. Being a twin is definitely interesting, and we don’t really feel each others pain but when we were teenagers we used to get each others headaches and if one took medicine both headaches would go away.


My mother didn’t exactly plan on getting pregnant with us. You see she was on birth control pills when she got pregnant. She was a college student, Bio/wanting to be pre-med and had a huge exam to take. She also, however, had strep throat that threatened to take her out in one fell swoop. So she did what any career focused educationally minded person would do. She got a shot of penicillin and took her test.

What wasn’t well known at the time is that some antibiotics, including penicillin, cancel out birth control pills. Fast forward to about 5 months later and my mom is rolling on the floor with one of he friends trying to figure out just what is this “ball” in her stomach.

Of course that little ball was me and my sister. When they found out she was having twins they knew at least one was a girl but weren’t sure about the other – just couldn’t quite get a good shot. But they didn’t have long to wait.

As for our names. Each of my parents got to pick a name for one of us. My mother named my sister Kelly. My father kept my name a secret until after I was born, which is why and I am glad for, that we don’t have matching names. Funny thing is that I was going to be an Adrianne regardless if I was a boy (Adrian) or a girl, so at least he was prepared.

The honest truth is I love having a twin. My mother tells us we had our own little language growing up. Having a twin is like being born with your best friend. No matter what you always have someone you can turn to that understands you on a different level; a twin level.


I think my mother had her hands full…