Jan 31

Okay so technically its still the 30th, but in reality it is the 31st. Never could decide what date I want to put down.

I’ve been sitting here all day waiting for Jonathan or someone to email me so i can get some specific things done and its no dice. I feel like Im in limbo land. Like sometimes I say something and its gets ignored. Like that episode of Buffy where the girl disappears

Okay no more that train of thought.

Ugh what a couple of weeks its been. Tiring beyond tired. But also something different. I think I will be glad when we are out of launch land and are in helping people land. Its definitely more satisfying.

ON the exercise front. I dont know if I even want to go there. I am sticking with it. Hell I actually enjoy it. But I’m just not sure I am seeing progress and I am pretty sure it is my own fault. I need a better diet pla. into week 5 and I should be seeing some better results. Instead all I see is the needle hanging in place. Sure I feel a little bit fitter but I still feel like I am stuck.

I think Nico is right that I am just not committing enough. Did Taebo with him the other day (was super boring lol) but I just couldnt get into it. I made myself push a little harder today but I know I could have done more.

What to do When the Big Ideas Seem Overwhelming

prof1I had a grand idea this weekend. Huge. Something that made me smile and sit in fear at the same time. Its something that would allow me to have the outlet for every wandering and every goal I have ever wanted to accomplish. Yes its that big. And requires more than I have and more than I would’ve have thought I could give. This Big Idea scares me, but at the same time it consumes me so that I can’t not try and figure it out.

And yet I am afraid to share it. I know I need to share it, seek help but part of me is afraid of failure. Part of me is sure others will say it is impossible. And they will. I’ve already been told that part of who I am and who I want to be is just unrealistic.

But what do you do when you discover something you truly believe is your life purpose but you are terrified of becoming.

Most would say start small. Focus on the little steps. Great ideas, but what if the little steps just are not enough?

Others would say make lists, write about it, tell someone – surely someone will have something to say about it. And I’m sure they would. But hearing that my big idea is impossible, improbably or just plain silly are not the words I want to hear.

Making lists, planning all are good steps but I don’t want to get stuck in the planning phase forever. How do I move from planning to doing?

First I have to tell someone. Share the idea. Get them excited. Find help on how to move from thinking to planning to doing.

Surround myself by people who would support success, guard me from failure. Not those who would suggest that it is impossible, improbable and unrealistic.

Figure out what can I do? How do I get there? I know part of it. I know it will take time (patience is not my strong suit) and resources that I do not currently have. How can I get them?

Finally stop thinking and start doing something. I know what I want. I know (somewhat) what I need to get there. But none of it will happen if I don’t start something. Are there compromises that have to be made? Yes, but it can be done without sacrificing myself. Small projects can be done that still fall within who am I and moving towards my end goal.

Big ideas are like that. Overwhelming, scary – so much so that they seem impossible. But they consume you until you move forward and try or burn out and mourn the loss. And losing the big idea is truly something to mourn.

What big ideas have consumed you. Are you moving towards them? Have you accomplished them? Share – thoughts and inspirations please.

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

2010 is officially over! And 2011 is full of days to come with limitless potential. Inspired by suggestions at a couple of other blogs, instead of sharing and making resolutions (that many of us don’t keep), 2011 is all about the words. Words that are the goals, the descriptors of 2011. What will your 2011 look like? Heres mine (in no particular order):

  • Family
  • Creativity

    Photo by Alex Bartok

  • Simple
  • Productive
  • Innovative
  • Love
  • Financial Growth
  • Frugality
  • Decisive
  • Play
  • Health
  • Slow
  • Joy

I want 2011 to be about family. The growth and stability of my family learning to make what we value most reflect how we live our lives. No small task – but this list is one to grow with, not just for 2011. Here’s hoping that your 2011 will have as much joy and purpose.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve


Its Thanksgiving eve and normally by now I’ve baked 2 apple pies, an apple pie, made fruit salad and broccoli crunch. I’ve maybe made some bread and sweet potato crunch. All prep for roasting the turkey and the ham tomorrow.


But this year its 6pm and I have yet to start cooking. Not because I am not going to. I’ve got 2 pies to make yet and I want to start an appetizer and a small lunch for us tomorrow. But I don’t feel like they need to be done so far before hand in order to get everything done.


For our first thanksgiving in Italy, for some reason I wanted to keep it to just Nico, myself and Isabella. Its her second official Thanksgiving, but the first where she might actually eat some of the food!  I should/could try to accommodate Nico’s family’s eating schedule but I wanted to keep part of my Thanksgiving traditions on tact, so part of me just wanted to be a simple affair for just us. I am making turkey but not a whole bird, a few new sides I haven’t made before – something I’ve always wanted to do. We will be having traditional pumpkin pie, except this year from scratch, even pureed pumpkin!


The holidays seem especially bittersweet for me. I don’t know if its just cause of the recent bout of homesickness or just cause it’s the first holidays away from home. But with the menu I have planned and enjoying an easy day downstairs I think that it might just be okay. And hopefully we will catch the family on Skype and see all there lovely food! (especially the stuff I cant find here, like collard greens and yellow sweet potatoes!) Here’s my menu (links provided when possible)

We have to go to the Farmer’s Market in the morning to pick up some produce, convenient that it falls on Thursday, everything will be nice and fresh. Photo0530

*Pictures from Thanksgiving 2009

If you celebrate it, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Travelling to be with family? Hosting family at your home? Share your traditions in the comments, and have a Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

Sea Salt–31 Days to a Happier Home

Sardinia is surrounded by the sea. So of course they have wonderful sea salt. They even make it near by. We drove past a sea salt refinery(?) and you could see the tarps spread out allowing the water to evaporate and leaving the salty crystals behind (I wish I had snapped a picture!)


Photo by !paco!

The best part about the sea salt – the price. Its super cheap. A bag a fine or coarse sea salt ranges 19-30 cents. CENTS! Its fantastic.

And the flavor. The salt is the best tasting salt I’ve ever had. Its just saltier. I know not a great description. But its got that umami, cant really describe kind of taste. It enhances the food. Makes great pasta, would probably make even better margaritas (I wouldn’t know yet.)


Good Salt is essential to great cooking and the salt here really does make a difference. And the price for the flavor just cant be beat.

Winding down towards the end! Throughout October I have shared 31 things I love about living in Italy. Is there a spice special to your region that you cant live without? Please share in the comments.

I passed!

I have officially finished my education! I got the news today that I passed my Master’s Comprehensive Exams (after taking some of the sections over again.) It was difficult finishing my online classes after Isabella and there was definitely some instances in which I wanted to just put it on hold and wait until my life was a little less hectic and a little less busy. I went back to school when Isabella was a month old, back to work when she was two months old, planned our move to Italy, worked less than full time but gone full time hours and I can honestly say I am quite glad that I got through it. For now the MA is more than enough for me, especially since who knows what living in Italy will bring. I am quite content to take that diploma and just enjoy being done with school.