What to do When the Big Ideas Seem Overwhelming

prof1I had a grand idea this weekend. Huge. Something that made me smile and sit in fear at the same time. Its something that would allow me to have the outlet for every wandering and every goal I have ever wanted to accomplish. Yes its that big. And requires more than I have and more than I would’ve have thought I could give. This Big Idea scares me, but at the same time it consumes me so that I can’t not try and figure it out.

And yet I am afraid to share it. I know I need to share it, seek help but part of me is afraid of failure. Part of me is sure others will say it is impossible. And they will. I’ve already been told that part of who I am and who I want to be is just unrealistic.

But what do you do when you discover something you truly believe is your life purpose but you are terrified of becoming.

Most would say start small. Focus on the little steps. Great ideas, but what if the little steps just are not enough?

Others would say make lists, write about it, tell someone – surely someone will have something to say about it. And I’m sure they would. But hearing that my big idea is impossible, improbably or just plain silly are not the words I want to hear.

Making lists, planning all are good steps but I don’t want to get stuck in the planning phase forever. How do I move from planning to doing?

First I have to tell someone. Share the idea. Get them excited. Find help on how to move from thinking to planning to doing.

Surround myself by people who would support success, guard me from failure. Not those who would suggest that it is impossible, improbable and unrealistic.

Figure out what can I do? How do I get there? I know part of it. I know it will take time (patience is not my strong suit) and resources that I do not currently have. How can I get them?

Finally stop thinking and start doing something. I know what I want. I know (somewhat) what I need to get there. But none of it will happen if I don’t start something. Are there compromises that have to be made? Yes, but it can be done without sacrificing myself. Small projects can be done that still fall within who am I and moving towards my end goal.

Big ideas are like that. Overwhelming, scary – so much so that they seem impossible. But they consume you until you move forward and try or burn out and mourn the loss. And losing the big idea is truly something to mourn.

What big ideas have consumed you. Are you moving towards them? Have you accomplished them? Share – thoughts and inspirations please.