Family–31 Days to a Happier Home

The End.

Well almost. The final day of this series and my final reason. Family. Its essentially why we moved here. I wanted to be able to stay home with Isabella and have a more family orientated atmosphere. Before we came to Italy I worked part time from 11-6 but my commute added an hour to each end of that day. By the time I would get home I’d see my baby for a couple of hours and then she would be off to bed. Having the morning was okay but with her not sleeping through the night or when she would sleep in late (which she doesn’t do anymore) we just didn’t have that much time together. It made me miserable.


Added that I wanted our family to have more time together, not just after work time. The average American family spends after 6 and weekends together. I didn’t want to be an after 6 and weekends family. 


So I quit my job and we moved here. It’s been fun, frustrating, hot, exciting and interesting. But most of all its been the best way I want to be with my daughter.


No matter if we stay in Italy forever, move back to the US or move to Timbuktu, no matter what I know that I want to be able to devote the majority of my time to her – not to anything else. Do I miss work? Actually not really. There are so many other things that are more important. Listening to her say ducky or buk at the chicken.


Whenever my frustration hits boiling point it helps to remember what I am here for. To be home with her. Would I have been able to do it in the US, probably eventually but everyday I went to work I felt like I was missing something. Not the moments, even though of course I was afraid to miss those. I felt I was missing a part of me. It sounds corny and cliché but being Isabella’s mom is who I am supposed to be. Yes I am more than that but this is my dream job.


I also love that I can be home for Nico. When we were in the US at first he wasn’t able to work and then we made the hard decision that until we decided where we would go after Isabella was born that he would stay home with her instead of putting her in daycare. Daycare was something I just didn’t want to do plus it was ridiculously expensive in the area we lived in. You needed a second income just to be able to afford it. He worked hard taking care of her and helping around the house. While I am not great at being a housewife I try.


Making a home for Nico and Isabella is all I really want. I want us to be able to live comfortably, happily and to be with each other as much as possible. Life shouldn’t be about making a living, it should be about living!  So for me reason #31 and the number 1 reason for my everyday is my family.


Happy Halloween! October is over and so is this project. I will do a follow-up post in a couple of days but I hope you enjoyed seeing so many different things! What is your family life like? How has it’s importance affected your decision making? Please share in the comments.