Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

2010 is officially over! And 2011 is full of days to come with limitless potential. Inspired by suggestions at a couple of other blogs, instead of sharing and making resolutions (that many of us don’t keep), 2011 is all about the words. Words that are the goals, the descriptors of 2011. What will your 2011 look like? Heres mine (in no particular order):

  • Family
  • Creativity

    Photo by Alex Bartok

  • Simple
  • Productive
  • Innovative
  • Love
  • Financial Growth
  • Frugality
  • Decisive
  • Play
  • Health
  • Slow
  • Joy

I want 2011 to be about family. The growth and stability of my family learning to make what we value most reflect how we live our lives. No small task – but this list is one to grow with, not just for 2011. Here’s hoping that your 2011 will have as much joy and purpose.