Happy Thanksgiving Eve


Its Thanksgiving eve and normally by now I’ve baked 2 apple pies, an apple pie, made fruit salad and broccoli crunch. I’ve maybe made some bread and sweet potato crunch. All prep for roasting the turkey and the ham tomorrow.


But this year its 6pm and I have yet to start cooking. Not because I am not going to. I’ve got 2 pies to make yet and I want to start an appetizer and a small lunch for us tomorrow. But I don’t feel like they need to be done so far before hand in order to get everything done.


For our first thanksgiving in Italy, for some reason I wanted to keep it to just Nico, myself and Isabella. Its her second official Thanksgiving, but the first where she might actually eat some of the food!  I should/could try to accommodate Nico’s family’s eating schedule but I wanted to keep part of my Thanksgiving traditions on tact, so part of me just wanted to be a simple affair for just us. I am making turkey but not a whole bird, a few new sides I haven’t made before – something I’ve always wanted to do. We will be having traditional pumpkin pie, except this year from scratch, even pureed pumpkin!


The holidays seem especially bittersweet for me. I don’t know if its just cause of the recent bout of homesickness or just cause it’s the first holidays away from home. But with the menu I have planned and enjoying an easy day downstairs I think that it might just be okay. And hopefully we will catch the family on Skype and see all there lovely food! (especially the stuff I cant find here, like collard greens and yellow sweet potatoes!) Here’s my menu (links provided when possible)

We have to go to the Farmer’s Market in the morning to pick up some produce, convenient that it falls on Thursday, everything will be nice and fresh. Photo0530

*Pictures from Thanksgiving 2009

If you celebrate it, what are your plans for Thanksgiving? Travelling to be with family? Hosting family at your home? Share your traditions in the comments, and have a Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.