History–31 Days to a Happier Home

When I was in high school I hated American History but thrived in European History. I don’t know why but American History was just so … boring. And yet  European History with its Romanticism and age and the trials and tribulations, I could study it all. I even was a history major for a brief time and sometime I wish…

But that’s the past (ha!). Here in Capoterra we are surrounded by history. Like most European cities you can see the history still in each building. Sardinia is rich with history. In fact Sardinia is home to its own ancient civilization and some of the artifacts still remain today.

These are Nuraghe and the were built by Nuragic Civilization. We never studied these in any of my history classes but Nico told me about them when we first met. We haven’t been out to see one in person yet, but there is one nearby.

Nuraghe are beehive in shape and their true purpose is unknown. Scholars speculate that they could have been religious, simply dwellings, strongholds – but no one really knows. There are some 8,000 Nuraghes left in Sardinia but there may have been as many as 30,000!

The Nuragic people existed from 18-15th century BC until about 2nd century BC when Rome came to Sardinia. The Phoenicians also came in 1st century BC. The Nuragic people existed in tribes, developed vast monuments, giants graves and truly not much is known about them. For me this is all fascinating and deserving of a much longer post to come.

The End is near! All October I have been sharing something I love about my home. What history does your region contain? I grew up in Virginia, near some pretty nice colonial sites and now this! Please share your histories in the comments.

***all images and information courtesy of Wikipedia***