This picture was in the Dover Art Sampler I get in my email about once a week. The theme was 1930’s depression era. Specifically the Caption says: Dorthea Lange. Migrant Mother ┬áNipomo California 1936. What strikes me most about this photo is her face. She looks beautiful but tired. Concerned but maybe also relieved? Has she traveled far to get where she is now? If you look well she has three babies with her. Two on either side and a little one in her lap. I didn’t notice the baby at first.

What is she thinking? Is she alone? Did she live on?

She did.

Sometimes I feel like maybe how this woman felt. She is just a hard working woman. Caring for her children, facing whatever may come next. Sometimes I feel nothing like this woman and to even look upon her maybe insulting. She’s hardworking, doing best with whatever is in front of her and not thinking that she wishes this or that. She doesn’t have time for self-doubt, or self-pity.