Remembering 31 Days

hallooooween 023In October I struggled with finding peace in our old house. I and it are still trying to get to know one another but I did manage to let go of some of the stress. Here is a recap of some of my favorites. You can also check out the whole series here.

I started off by sharing the spiral park that is outside my door. It is the first thing that is in my memory when I think of meeting Nico and appropriate for the beginning of this series. Our citrus trees came next and they are full of lemons and the oranges are ripening and will be ready soon.

I talked a lot about food. From pizza, ice cream, fruit and of course pasta. Then we came to day 10.

But despite that lapse October days kept going by and I kept trying to find things to appreciate. There were hidden treasure and life lessons, ingenuity and patience (still working on that one). Desserts, wine and the Farmers’ Market . (I love Thursdays!).

There were also potential in this old house, views steeped in history and local specialties.

But the best part of the 31 Days series were the most important reminders as to why we are here. Regardless of where I live my family and the times I get to spend with Isabella is the most important reason for being anywhere.