Rock-a-bye Baby


I love rocking you to sleep. I like to kiss your cheek, your forehead and your little nose when you fall asleep. You still like your pacifier but it normally falls out of your mouth once get to fast asleep. Rocking you has its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. IMG00133kdk_0408

Sure you like to pinch (ow) and sometimes its hard to put you down to sleep. But can I blame you? I’m sure we are warm, me and especially your daddy. Why would you want to leave our snuggly embrace. Photo1126

The experts say you should “sleep train” your baby. That you should be able to fall asleep on your kdk_0504own, that we should be able to stick you in your bed awake and walk away. And maybe that would save the 20 and sometimes much longer minutes it takes to get you to sleep. Maybe some think its crazy to rock you to sleep for each nap, each wake up, each bedtime. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. How could I listen to you cry knowing that rocking your for 5 minutes more will ease your fears and help you find a blissful sleep.

kdk_0422How would I let you be alone in the dark, knowing that a soft humming lullaby from me would be enough to let your sleep peacefully. And even though you wake me up at night (still) sometimes many times a night I remember this – its only temporary.

You will never again be the age you are today, just like you cant be the age you were yesterday. Everyday you get more and more independent. Your baby babble is more like practice words. Soon you will be saying “Good Night Mommy” and you wont need me to rock you to sleep. I will miss this time. Miss watching you curl up in my lap and rest your head on my chest and drift asleep. I might even miss the pinching (ow), or not.


You wont always be my snuggly baby. One day you will sleep on your own. One day you wont need me to rock you. To pick you up when you come up to me and say “Hi!”.  We think you got that from me as normally when you wake up I come in and say “Hi sweet pea”. So you come to us, lift your arms and say “Hi” in your little cute voice. I actually think its your new favorite word as you smile and say hiiiii all the time. Although you are learning the word ‘no’.


Sweet dreams my beautiful baby, I’ll always be here to rock you when you need me.