Sea Salt–31 Days to a Happier Home

Sardinia is surrounded by the sea. So of course they have wonderful sea salt. They even make it near by. We drove past a sea salt refinery(?) and you could see the tarps spread out allowing the water to evaporate and leaving the salty crystals behind (I wish I had snapped a picture!)


Photo by !paco!

The best part about the sea salt – the price. Its super cheap. A bag a fine or coarse sea salt ranges 19-30 cents. CENTS! Its fantastic.

And the flavor. The salt is the best tasting salt I’ve ever had. Its just saltier. I know not a great description. But its got that umami, cant really describe kind of taste. It enhances the food. Makes great pasta, would probably make even better margaritas (I wouldn’t know yet.)


Good Salt is essential to great cooking and the salt here really does make a difference. And the price for the flavor just cant be beat.

Winding down towards the end! Throughout October I have shared 31 things I love about living in Italy. Is there a spice special to your region that you cant live without? Please share in the comments.