Some of My Favorite Reads

Photo by Andy Piper

There are quite a few different blogs I enjoy reading. They fall into several different categories too. Like most people I’m interested in a lot of different things. For me the easiest way to read a new favorite blog is to subscribe by email. Sadly I have found a couple of blogs that I like but didnt have an email option. I try to remember to go back but it doesnt always happen. I’m sure I have some kind of feed reader installed but I never look at it. Email is the best option for me and is a welcome change to the constant spam I normally get. Here are some of my favorites :

Chatting at the Sky
This blog by Emily is simply beautiful. And simple. And the way she writes oh my goodness, the prose is beautiful. I subscribed via email after reading this post and I continue to be inspired and just feel at peace when I read her blog. She has a couple of books coming out soon, one for teenage girls and one for grownup girls and I want to buy both. Even from Italy. The teenage girl book I would love to give one day to my daughter and the other, well I know I need it for me. / Simple Living Network
Tsh at SimpleMom is the kind of organized person I wish I could be. Kinda. I mean I dont know what I would do with myself if I could get myself that well prepared at handling homemaking. I have a hard enough time making sure I wash the dishes – good thing I’m not cooking that often yet and can I say my excuse is I dont have running water…in the kitchen? Some of my favorite things over there are the Daily Docket and just everything she suggests about creating a Home Management Notebook. The other great thing about Simple Mom is that Tsh created the Simple Living Media which houses information on Eating, HomeSchooling, Kids and Living Organically – theres just so much available.

Get Rich Slowly
Get Rich Slowly is a blog by J.D. Roth that I started following forever ago but didn’t really take to heart until Isabella was born. But I was always inspired by how J.D. takes things as complicated as personal finance and breaks into human-minded manageable bits. J.D. is like you and me, having dug himself out of a huge debt, quit his day job and makes an income from doing something he has become very passionate about; living life frugally but well.

The Pioneer Woman
This list would be incomplete if I didn’t include The Pioneer Woman. Ree has been a source of laughter and pictures and burping and food since I worked at my 9-5 the first time before I left for grad school. And thank goodness I found her, that job could be so boring! Her ‘Black Heels To Tractor Wheels’ is her personal story of how she met, married and moved out to be a rancher’s wife in the country. She also provides step-by-step photo graphical instructions on some absolutely delicious foods, and recently published a cookbook. She also shares photography, information on homeschooling (along with some guest posters) and Home and Garden information. Ree also launched Tasty Kitchen which is a go-to source for recipes by people like you and me, along with some of the bigger names in food blogging.

This list is by no means exhaustive, these are just the ones I normally cant wait to get into my inbox. As you can see the list ranges from brand new to been reading for years. I check out a lot of blogs (too many sometimes) but it takes a clean design and good content to really make me want to read more. It these blogs that I want to see in my own. And like the diversity you see in this short list here, thats the diversity I have within myself. We all have so many things we are interested in, and we can also see a little bit of ourselves in each of the blogs we choose to follow. SimpleMom may seem to have it together, but she knows she has days where nothing seems to get done and I can relate to that. J.D. is following something he found his passion in and Ree is the kind of person I wish was my next door neighbor mixing up margaritas, while Emily is the kind of someone I would love to confide in. The best part is these people tend to also exist in our real lives too.

I love finding new blogs. If you have one please share the link in the comments – I would love to see it!